GI Balance Plus


Novasource GI Balance Plus

Novasource GI Balance Plus

A sole source of nutrition with PHGG to further support blood glucose management and a healthy gut microbiota

Recent position statements and guidelines support the use of diabetes specific formulations for patients requiring support in the management of blood glucose.

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Re-formulated to improve tolerance whilst addressing specific needs of patients facing abnormalities in blood glucose such as diabetes and stress hyperglycemia.

The key elements of Novasource®

Gi Balance/Balance Plus compared to standard tube feeding are:

  • Lower carbohydrate content; Total Energy (TE) 32-39% including slowly digestible carbohydrate, isomaltulose, to help manage blood glucose response46
  • Inclusion of 100% soluble PHGG fiber 20-22g/L
  • High quality protein TE 18-20%
  • Higher Fat content, TE 39-45%, enriched in unsaturated fatty acids, especially monunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA)

Reduction in available carbohydrate content with simultaneous increase in the MUFA content has demonstrated positive outcome on lipid management and glucose control.

Novasource Gi Balance and Novasource Gi Balance Plus may be used as sole source nutrition.

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