Healthy aging

Healthy aging means meeting
the special needs of the aging body

At Nestlé Health Science, we have a team of Healthy Aging experts who are passionate about helping people age well. In 2017, 25% of the world’s population was over 50, a record number. And with people living longer (often with less and less support from health care systems), there’s never been a more important time for good management of one’s health. We believe that good health is one of life’s most precious assets and our team is dedicated to positively impacting the way people age and their quality of life. We do this through our range of high-quality nutritional supplements that are:

  • Designed by experts especially for the health needs of aging adults
  • Based on the latest research and nutritional science
  • Made with proven, benefit-driven ingredients
  • Available in convenient formats and flavors to suit many tastes, health needs and lifestyles
  • Highly recognized by doctors and pharmacists
  • Supported by thousands of consumer testimonials
  • Supported by trusted, knowledgeable Consumer Service programs
  • Supported by Nestle’s commitment to quality, Creating Shared Value and environmental sustainability


We believe in possibilities at any age. And we're proud to fuel dreams & healthy aging through our local brands & range of high-quality & science-based nutritional drinks & supplementation.

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Even the healthiest of the elderly population, are at risk for inadequate protein intake.
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Muscle, bone and joint health – along with proper weight management - are essential for active and independent living as we age.
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Healthy aging means embracing good nutrition, regular physical activity, weight management, a positive outlook, and strong social connections.
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What the
experts and consumers say
Ferrucio - 65 years old
BETTER AGING. Ferrucio, 65, a life of energy
Francesco - 88 years old
BETTER AGING. The story of Francesco, still mobile at 88
Ferdinando Pharmacist
Pharmacist Ferdinando drinks food supplements
Viviana Pharmacist
Pharmacist Viviana gives her advice


Our range of nutritional solutions that support healthy aging

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