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Nestlé Health Science Makes Latest Move in Breakthrough Microbiome FieldView
How do we change
the course of HealTH?
Research & Innovation

Health conditions and certain diseases can be treated with nutritional solutions: this is the field Nestlé Health Science’s research is investigating. From pediatric to aging people, from brain health to genome analysis and gastrointestinal disorders, we are developing innovative nutritional therapies.

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Nutritional Therapies

The role of nutrition is entering a new stage of discovery and innovation that is changing the management of health and forging an increasingly integral role for nutritional therapy in healthcare.

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We offer nutritional therapies for

The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences:
from genetics to diet & lifestyle research
The Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences has a mission: develop scientific methods to improve health through nutrition. This scientific research center gives Nestlé Health Science the most advanced information and processes in nutrition and diagnostic science. We strongly believe that the food we consume on a daily basis is the largest single influence on our health.
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