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My Cancer, My Nutrition Provides Support Through Credible Information for People Living with Cancer

My Cancer Nutrition - World Cancer Day

My Cancer, My Nutrition is a brand proudly owned and powered by Nestlé Health Science that provides cancer patients and caregivers support with credible information through a website, direct-to-patient information, and HCP communications.

Having the right nutrition to support our day-to-day lifestyles is universally important and becomes even more crucial for those suffering from chronic illnesses. February 4th is World Cancer Day, and people living with cancer often have difficulty gaining the right nutrients needed to support them along their journey. 1 in 3 cancer patients are malnourished, leading to poor outcomes that impact quality of life.1

At Nestlé Health Science, we are proud to have developed My Cancer, My Nutrition (MCMN), a platform serving both cancer patients and caregivers with credible resources to help them manage their condition. Through this platform, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition, while presenting nutritional solutions to support the specific needs of people living with cancer at each stage of their treatment.

Supporting People Living with Cancer

We believe food is at the heart of life and can make a real difference in cancer. The power of nutrition is at the core of everything we do.

My Cancer My Nutrition exists to help people nourish life’s moments when living with cancer. The platform aims to go beyond by providing clear and tangible information about treatment side effects, recipes, and nutritional solutions available to make the day-to-day lives of cancer patients more comfortable. Our goal is to empower healthier lives by offering a science-based and cancer-specific product portfolio, while supporting cancer patients and their caregivers with knowledge during their journey.

The Facets of MCMN

We have built this platform with the intentions of:

  1. Offering compassionate support for people living with cancer
    If you are living with cancer, we want you to know that you not alone, through providing trusted support and credible cancer-specific information that will guide you through your individual cancer journey
  2. Raising awareness of the importance of oncology nutrition
    Nutrition has been proven to positively impact both the outcomes and quality of life of cancer patients, and we want to spread the word. With all of our products and innovations backed by science, we hope our portal will be the go-to place for information on managing nutritional needs while living with cancer.

You can find out more by visiting

1. “Better care through better nutrition: value and effects of medical nutrition - A summary of the evidence base”