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The Nestlé Health Science complete portfolio of enteral nutrition solutions for GI intolerance is scientifically formulated for patients who need nutrition most, particularly those in the intensive care unit (ICU). Even though consistent nutrition is a critical component of recovery, ICU physicians are doing all they can to keep the patient stable. As a result, the typical ICU patient only receives 59% of their prescribed caloric intake.1
Furthermore, it has been proven that feeding ICU patients within 24 hours of being admitted can improve patient outcomes and reduce their length of stay.2 Nestlé Health Science offers the Peptamen® range of enteral nutrition solutions which are hydrolysed, 100% whey protein formulas specifically designed for absorption and tolerance. Meeting the nutritional needs of ICU patients by providing enteral nutrition with Peptamen® is an effective way to help them recover.
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Dr Juan Ochoa addresses the metabolism of the ICU patient and how nutrition plays an important role.