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Our Brands

We have a wide range of products that help complement and improve the nutritional condition in our business areas Consumer Care and Medical Nutrition.

Filtrar Por (field_filtrar_por)
Complete nutritional supplement for individuals who are not getting the right amount from their diet More about BOOST®
The Compat® range is made of medical devices for both adult and pediatric patient populations More about COMPAT®
An advanced-control tube feed designed for patients with diabetes and stress-induced hyperglycemia More about DIABETISOURCE AC
Only clean, organic, whole food ingredients that are traceable back to the seed. More about Garden of Life
A clinically proven enteral feed for critically ill patients pre & post-surgery or following trauma More about IMPACT
Products composed of formulas for the dietary management of undernourished or malnourished patients More about ISOSOURCE
Products that addresses the needs of the body as it ages: fatigue, decrease of muscle mass and more More about MERITENE
A unique whole-protein, powdered formulation for nutrition in the active phase of Crohn’s disease More about MODULEN
Products for dietary management of diarrhea in adults receiving enteral nutrition More about NOVASOURCE
Available in a variety of caloric densities with & without fiber for short or long-term tube feeding More about Nutren
The OPTIFAST Program is a comprehensive, medically supported, weight management program More about OPTIFAST
Soluble dietary fibre that mixes in hot and cold liquids & foods without affecting texture or taste More about OPTIFIBRE
Range of hydrolysed enteral nutrition solutions, designed for absorption and tolerance More about PEPTAMEN
Personalized vitamin packs designed to meet your individual needs that are essential to your health More about Persona
Pure Encapsulations® offers the most comprehensive selection of FREE-FROM products for all patients’ health needs. More about Pure Encapsulation
RESOURCE® products are high protein supplements for those with additional protein requirements More about RESOURCE
Range of nutritional supplements with essential nutrients for health : protein, vitamins, minerals More about Sustagen
An easy to prepare powder thickening agent designed to address the needs of patients with dysphagia More about ThickenUp®
Vitaflo is developing specialized medical foods for metabolic disorders and nutrition support More about VITAFLO