Key Investments


Building on its core HealthCare Nutrition business, a leading player in the medical nutrition industry,
Nestlé Health Science aims to develop nutritional therapies that change the way people approach the management of health. In this context, Nestlé Health Science has made several acquisitions, investments and partnerships.




The acquisition of Vitaflo – headquartered in Liverpool, UK – has enabled Nestlé Health Science to establish a foothold in the fast-growing market for uniquely formulated products that address various congenital metabolic disorders that become apparent only shortly after birth.

Metabolic disorders result when people lack the necessary enzymes to break down the fat, carbohydrates or protein in foods they have ingested, resulting in serious medical problems and often requiring a specialized diet and nutritional solutions for life.

Vitaflo’s nutritional solutions help patients maintain or recover metabolic homeostasis, often playing the most important role in the management of the disorder. Developing products that taste good, and that are easy and convenient to use, is an important factor in promoting compliance with these highly restrictive dietary management protocols, which are always administered under medical supervision.


In line with our intent to bring new science-based nutritional solutions to gastrointestinal (GI) patients with a compromised or dysfunctional gut, Nestlé Health Science acquired Prometheus Laboratories Inc., based in San Diego, California (USA).

The company is committed to improving lives through the development and commercialisation of novel diagnostic products that enable physicians to provide greater individualised patient care.

Prometheus is primarily focused on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disorders within the fields of gastroenterology and oncology. Its strategy includes the marketing and delivery of pharmaceutical products and is complemented by proprietary diagnostic testing services. By integrating therapeutics and diagnostics, Nestlé Health Science aims to provide physicians with more targeted solutions to optimise care for their patients.


Nestlé Health Science acquired the business of Pamlab, based in Covington, Louisiana (USA), which encompasses an innovative portfolio of medical food products for use under medical supervision in the nutritional management of patients with mild cognitive impairment, depression and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

This acquisition has enhanced Nestlé Health Science capacity to deliver nutritional solutions in the areas of metabolic health and brain health.

Pamlab’s portfolio of prescription medical food products for use under medical supervision includes Metanx®, formulated to meet the distinct nutritional requirements of patients with diabetes to help restore the metabolic processes associated with peripheral neuropathy; Deplin®, a medical food specifically formulated to provide necessary nutritional support for certain people on prescribed antidepressant therapy for clinical depression; and CerefolinNAC®, a medical food that helps address the distinct metabolic nutritional needs associated with mild cognitive impairment. Please note that Pamlab’s portfolio is commercially available only in the USA.



Nutrition Science Partners Limited (NSP) is a new 50/50 joint venture between Nestlé Health Science and the pharmaceutical and healthcare group Chi-Med.

Nutrition Science Partners aims to research, develop, manufacture and market innovative nutritional and medicinal products derived from botanical plants.

In addition, Nutrition Science Partners gets access to Chi-Med’s traditional Chinese medicine library of more than 50,000 extracts from over 1,200 different herbal plants and its world-class expertise. This includes access to a gastrointestinal botanical research and development platform, which includes discovery research, nonclinical and pharmaceutical science functions, and information on botanical guidelines and regulations. Nutrition Science Partners will focus on gastrointestinal health and may in the future expand into the metabolic disease and brain health areas.

Nestlé Health Science acquired a minority stake in Accera, a privately held U.S. company based in Broomfield, Colorado (USA) that specialises in the research, development and commercialisation of medical foods for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than 30 million people worldwide.

The stake in Accera enabled Nestlé Health Science to make a strategic step forward in building up its brain health portfolio, which is fully aligned with our science-based nutrition vision.

Accera’s key brand, Axona®, a medical food that is already on the market in the USA, is intended for the clinical dietary management of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Please note that Axona® is commercially available only in the USA.


Addressing Gastrointestinal Conditions

In line with our intent to grow the area of nutrition in gastrointestinal disease management, Nestlé Health Science became a strategic partner of Vital Foods, based in Auckland New Zealand, and acquired a minority stake in this business that has a portfolio of natural products supporting general digestive health, particularly bowel functioning.

Vital Foods’ products – Kiwi Crush™, a functional drink,and Phloe®, a special kiwifruit extract that comes in a tablet and capsule formulation – are 100% naturally derived from New Zealand green kiwifruit, extracted using Vital Foods’ unique, proprietary process. Both Kiwi Crush and Phloe are well-established, widely used and recommended in New Zealand. Phloe is a leading OTC laxative product in the New Zealand pharmacy channel.