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Isosource® Adult Enteral Nutrition:

A reliable + flexible partner for short- and long-term stages of patient recovery.

The Isosource® family is composed of nutritionally complete formulas intended for the dietary management of undernourished patients or those at risk of malnutrition, allowing you to choose a formula that best meets your patient’s specific requirements.

  • These include products of different total energy and variations in their macro-nutrient content with choice of with or without fibre. Specialty products include soy protein and natural ingredients

Isosource® products provide high quality sole source nutrition including fish oils providing Omega 3 fatty acids and Medium Chain Triglycerides as 20% of fat composition.

  • Core solutions to meet the fundamental nutritional needs of a wide range of your more stable patients, from short- to long-term care, and from hospital to home

Key features and benefits of the Isosource® range:

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Isosource® products can provide:

  • High energy concentration for patients with increased energy requirements and/or fluid restriction
  • High protein concentration specifically for patients with increased protein needs
  • A 50:50 ratio of soluble and insoluble fibre
  • Prebiotics (acacia gum, inulin) to help improve gut health and reinforce immune protection during feeding and illness
  • The Isosource® Family contain raw materials that are naturally gluten free
  • Isosource® Soy Energy Fibre provides vegetable source of protein
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