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Key Features

Preparation Instructions

Glycosade taken as a drink:

Glycosade taken with food:

Glycosade may also be given through a feeding tube. Administer as a bolus to prevent possible tube blockage.

Do not heat or warm Glycosade as this destroys the properties of the starch.

Allergen, Halal & Kosher Matrices

Nutritional Profile and Datacard

Nutritional Information Per 100g Per 100ml#
Energy kj 1496 901
kcal 352 212
fat g 0 0
of which saturates g 0 0
Carbohydrates g 88 53
of which sugars g 0 0
Protein g 0 0
Salt g <0.5 <0.3
Sodium mg <200 <120
mmol <9.0 <5.0

Product Codes

HCP Resources


Vitaflo in Association (VIA) is an education portal that houses innovative educational resources for healthcare professionals. It offers a range of content for the following disorder areas: Inborn errors of metabolism, Ketogenic diet, Paediatric kidney disease, Lipid disorders, Glycogen storage disease and Nutrition support. Resources include case studies, webinar and even recordings and practical resources.

Patient Resources


GSD and me has been created as a resource for individuals or families/carers of individuals with glycogen storage diseases. This website has a great range of information, resources and recipes.