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Plastic packaging? The bubble’s burst…

The use of bubble-wrap in our deliveries is a thing of the past. We have replaced it with a simple and sustainable alternative.

As much as everyone likes to de-stress by bursting a bit of bubble-wrap we took a step back and realised that we were getting through huge amounts of the stuff at our headquarters in Liverpool. In one year alone, we used enough bubble-wrap to cover roughly 7 football pitches.

We wanted to see if there was a different way, to ensure our products were protected in transit and could arrive safely at their destination, without the need for lots of single-use plastic to be involved.

There was, and it was amazingly simple. We realised that cardboard if shredded, could also make a great protective packaging material too. In 2019, we invested in a dedicated cardboard-shredder and we now shred all of our own cardboard waste, and use this use this in our warehouse dispatch process, meaning we no longer need to use plastic bubble-wrap.

Not only does this remove plastic which may have only gone to landfill, from the process; the shredded cardboard is, of course, widely recyclable too.

If you receive a parcel from Vitaflo containing our shredded cardboard, please play your part too, by recycling this material, and the box in which it arrived, as part of your kerbside recycling collection, where available, or alternatively, at your nearest recycling centre. If you aren’t sure if cardboard kerbside collection is available in your area, please check locally on how to correctly dispose of.

This simple step is only part of our wider efforts to shape a waste-free future and to reduce the amount of plastic on our planet.

Our commitment at Vitaflo, is to achieve 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

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