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Nutrition Unlocked

Nutrition Unlocked: Why is our microbiome so important?

In our second episode of Nutrition Unlocked, we dive into the trillions of organisms that live in our gut: the microbiome. Our host Anna Mohl speaks to Dr. Matt Henn, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer & Executive Vice President at Seres Therapeutics, about how our microbiome affect our health in many ways.  

Anna and Dr. Henn discuss how the microbiome can affect everything from our digestion, to our mood, to how we fight off infections.  Dr. Henn also talks about Seres’ work to develop what could potentially be the first approved pharmaceutical treatment based on the microbiome, and he gives us a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for innovations in the field.   

"In our everyday work at Nestlé Health Science, we make the link between science and nutrition,” said Anna Mohl, host of Nutrition Unlocked and Head of International Business Operations for Nestlé Health Science.  “With Nutrition Unlocked, we want to share some of this knowledge with everyone who wants to learn more about how to manage their own health, and with people who have a curiosity about the intersection of science and nutrition.  We talk with external experts, renown in their field, about current research and what they see on the horizons.”    

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