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Myths about multivitamins. Are they really the solution?

Myths about multivitamins. Are they really the solution?

Americans Rely on Old Nutrition Rules for Wellness: New Survey Shows Multivitamins are Still Used as a Cure-all

As Nutrition Knowledge Gaps Exist, Persona Educates How Multivitamins Miss the Mark in Addressing Specific Health Concerns in its ‘We’re More than a Multivitamin’ Campaign

Seattle, October 22, 2020 - Americans have been taking multivitamins since the early 1940s when they first debuted to address food shortages during World War II. Today, multivitamins are still popular with an estimated one-third of all Americans taking them, according to National Institutes of Health. However, technology and advancements in nutrition science are paving the way for the rise of personalized nutrition and the end of a one-size-fits-all approach to daily nutrition. A new national survey by Wakefield Research for Persona Nutrition shows several knowledge gaps among Americans who rely on a multivitamin to address specific health concerns, including immunity, energy, weight management, sleep and stress.

“Working with Persona has taught me so much about filling in my nutritional gaps and getting my foundational nutrition in check,” said Kelly Ripa, award-winning host and executive producer of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan. “I’ve learned that I need more than a multivitamin to tackle my sleep and digestion challenges, so I love having all of my vitamins and supplements – like melatonin, peppermint, vitamin D, ginger, omega-3 and probiotic – organized with my multivitamin in daily packs. I fill my body with the best foods and vitamins on the inside so I have the strength and energy to benefit the outside of my body. I challenge folks to swap their traditional multivitamin to try Persona’s personalized vitamin program, especially if they have a specific health challenge they’re looking to manage.”

Nutrition Knowledge Gaps

According to a national online survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, ages 35 and older, nutrition knowledge gaps exist among Americans.

The majority of Americans rely on vitamins and supplements to support their health, but only a few consult the expertise of nutritionists or registered dietitians for guidance.

  • 70% of Americans report taking vitamins and supplements, but only 7% consult a nutritionists or registered dietitian for guidance

Almost half (47%) say it is more important to take a daily multivitamin now than it was last year, with 53% taking or considering multivitamins to support their immunity. Americans rely on a multivitamin for specific health challenges, specifically:

  • 44% to have more energy
  • 26% to maintain a healthy weight
  • 24% to support a good night’s sleep
  • 24% to maintain a healthy stress level
  • 12% to maintain hormone levels

While American’s are paying more attention or are interested in multivitamins does not mean this age group has complete understanding of how multivitamins work.

  • 94% of Americans ages 35-54 are more likely to misidentify at least one myth or fact around multivitamins

Americans lack an awareness of potential side effects of mixing prescription medications and vitamins and supplements.

  • 67% don’t realize that vitamins and prescription medications can interfere with one another; potentially with unwanted side effects

“We know multivitamins have a place in a person’s daily nutrition program, but for those who have specific health concerns, like sleep, energy, immunity and stress, a multivitamin alone can miss the mark,” said Tamara Bernadot, chief nutrition officer and co-founder of Persona Nutrition. “No two people are the same and daily nutrition should embrace these differences while considering a person’s intake of colorful fruits and vegetables, dietary preferences, sleep patterns, fitness levels, stress, among a host of other factors. Persona is so much more than a multivitamin. We feature daily nutrition coaching from our on-staff nutritionists, a robust database to scan for potential drug-nutrient side effects and complement our high-quality multivitamin with nutritional supplements that are curated to support specific health issues and diets.”

We’re More than a Multi

Persona’s team of on-staff nutritionists and registered dietitians analyzed popular multivitamins and identified several shortcomings when a person is looking to use a multivitamin as a “silver bullet” to address their energy, sleep, stress and immunity challenges. Learn more at

To learn more about Persona Nutrition or to swap your multivitamin for Persona’s personalized nutrition program, please visit

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Persona™, a Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) company, creates science-backed, uniquely personalized vitamin programs. Each customized program uses high-quality, bioavailable ingredients, delivered to customers' doorsteps. The proprietary algorithm used for the assessments is based on scientific research reviewed by the company's team of MDs, RDs and nutritionists, and factors in lifestyle, individual needs, and prescription medications to deliver vitamin and supplement recommendations as unique as the consumer. Persona Nutrition is available in more than 140 countries via worldwide shipping. Persona is a supporter of Vitamin Angels®. With every Persona vitamin pack order, at least two children who are at risk of malnutrition receive a full year of vitamins. To learn more, please visit or

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