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Nestlé Health Science launches new Meritene range in the UK

Protein key to getting more from life for generation 50+
New research reveals this generation’s ambition to do more isn’t supported by their energy levels


Gatwick UK, 6 March 2017 – Today’s 50+ generation are winding up and not down, with new research from Nestlé Health Sciences revealing they’re planning on travelling more, taking up hobbies or learning new skills. However, three quarters (76%) can’t enjoy this zest for life because they have less energy compared to when they were younger.1 Despite the crucial role nutrition plays, this generation may not always understand their changing needs, with three quarters (77%) not realising they need more protein as they get older and 59% unsure if they are getting enough protein or vitamins and minerals to support their busy lives.1

That’s why Nestlé Health Science is launching Meritene®, a range of tasty nutritional shakes and soups which are designed to support a healthy body and help this generation enjoy an active lifestyle. Containing a unique blend of high quality protein, 10 vitamins and 6 minerals, the Meritene range is a balance of nutrients specifically designed to help release energy and reduce tiredness, whilst supporting muscle and bone health*.

Nutritionist Juliette Kellow explains, “As we get older, our body uses proteins, vitamins and minerals differently so ensuring we have enough of these nutrients in our diet to support good health is important in order to maintain a busy lifestyle. Unlike younger generations who are very protein savvy, people in their fifties are less likely to consider protein a priority, with only 23% thinking they need more of this nutrient in their diet than in previous decades.1 However, it’s vital that we get enough to maintain muscles and normal bones. One easy way to boost our intakes is to ensure our snacks – as well as our meals – contain plenty of protein, as well as a wide range of vitamins and minerals.”

Nadia Sawalha, TV presenter, Master Chef winner and author of five best-selling cookery books, has created a series of recipes using Meritene. She says: “I love being in my 50s and I’m packing in so much more than I ever did when I was younger, both personally and professionally. It’s a really exciting time but it’s not all plain sailing as it does come with its challenges. I need my physical health and energy levels to keep up with what I want to do, as I can often feel tired and not as full of energy as I used to. Understanding that my nutritional needs are changing as I get older means that I must fuel my body with what it needs to keep up with my bonkers life. I didn’t realise that my tiredness could’ve been helped by having certain nutrients, like Vitamin B2, B6, C & Iron, in my diet. That’s why I’ve now created a series of recipes using the Meritene range to give my generation a tasty and super easy way to get the protein, vitamins and minerals we all need to get the best out of life – we deserve it!”

“When you are busy, it’s easy to end up snacking on things (how can I say this…) that are “less” than nutritious! Meritene has sorted this out for me - for example - instead of having a sweet treat or cake when it comes to mid-morning or afternoon, I have a chocolate or strawberry Strength & Vitality shake that not only satisfies my cravings, but is also nutritionally beneficial, she added.”

Great as a nutritious snack, the Meritene, Everyday Nutrition range contains a unique blend of high quality protein, 10 vitamins and 6 minerals with a great taste specifically designed for adult daily nutrition. Meritene’s unique balance of nutrients is specifically designed to help release energy and reduce tiredness, while supporting muscles and bone health. For more information on Meritene, please visit


 1. Meritene research, 1,001 men and 1,001 women between the ages of 50–59. Carried out Jan- Feb 2017

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