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Nestlé Health Science Introduces Innovative BOOST® Nutritional Drinks in Compact Sizes

Helping Older Adults Get the Nutrition They Need

Florham Park, N.J. (July 16, 2015) ― Nestlé Health Science has announced the launch of the next generation of nutrition drinks – 4 fluid (fl) ounce (oz) size BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Balanced Nutritional Drink and BOOST® Compact Complete Nutritional Drink. Research shows that more than 40 percent of adults are not meeting the recommended daily intake of many vitamins and minerals through diet alone.1,2  Key shortfall nutrients for adults 50 years and older include calcium, magnesium, potassium, choline and vitamins A, D and E.3 Consuming a nutritional drink, such as the new BOOST® drinks, can help older adults get the nutrition they need every day.

“There are many reasons why adults may not get the nutrition necessary for good health – for example, their lifestyle, their health status or natural effects of aging, such as appetite loss,” said Samantha Lynch, MS, RD CDN, a registered dietitian specializing in nutrition-related health conditions, including geriatrics and weight management. “Nutritionally balanced drinks can help address important nutrition gaps in older populations.”

For some, getting extra nutrition without consuming extra calories can be a challenge. BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Drink is a great-tasting solution. This unique 100 calorie 4 fl oz snack size drink contains 10 grams of high-quality protein to help maintain muscle, 25 vitamins and minerals to help meet daily nutritional needs, calcium to support bone health and only 2 grams of sugar. It comes in Rich Chocolate and Very Vanilla flavors for a delicious and nutritious snack that can fit into a busy life.

New BOOST® Compact Drink is a ground-breaking solution that provides complete nutrition in half the volume of a full size nutritional drink (4 fl oz vs. 8 fl oz in BOOST® Original Drink). Distinct from any product currently on the market, each 4 fl oz bottle is packed with 240 calories, 10 grams of high-quality protein to help maintain muscle and 26 vitamins and minerals to help meet daily nutritional needs. Available in Rich Chocolate and Very Vanilla flavors, it also contains both calcium and vitamin D to support bone health.

Nutrient-dense, smaller sized nutritional drinks can help people in need of extra nutrition get the nutrition they need. Studies have shown that older adults who consume a 4 fl oz nutrient-dense nutritional supplement, rather than a standard-size nutritional supplement, increase their calorie and protein intake significantly.4,5

“As a company, we continue to introduce innovative nutritional solutions that can make a positive impact on people’s health and quality of life,” says Dr. Juan Ochoa, Chief Medical Officer for Nestlé Health Science in North America. “From the individual who needs extra nutrition to fill gaps in their diet to those recovering from surgery or an illness to those who need additional nutritional support during the recovery process – we strive to address unmet nutrition needs.”

BOOST® Compact Drink and BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Drink are available now in mass merchandisers, drug stores and supermarkets nationwide. Both products are suitable for people with gluten sensitivity, celiac disease or lactose intolerance. For more information on BOOST® nutritional drinks and Nestlé Health Science, please visit

BOOST® Products and Nestlé Health Science Innovation
With its comprehensive line of BOOST® nutritional drinks designed to meet a variety of nutritional needs, Nestlé Health Science continues to produce industry-leading innovation in the Adult Nutrition category. In 2011, BOOST® adopted state-of-the-art aseptic technology designed to deliver a great tasting product to delight consumers. In 2012, BOOST Calorie Smart® was introduced to meet the growing consumer demand for a lower-calorie option. In 2014, BOOST® Original Complete Nutritional Drink launched an improved formula, adding 3 grams of Prebio1™ proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers to support digestive health. In 2015, Nestlé Health Science launched the ground-breaking BOOST® Compact Complete Nutritional Drink, providing complete nutrition in half the size of a full size nutritional drink (4 fl oz vs. 8 fl oz in BOOST® Original Drink). BOOST Calorie Smart® 100 Calories Balanced Nutritional Drink extends the consumer-valued compact size to the BOOST® lower calorie line. These two new BOOST® products, along with BOOST® Original drink, BOOST® High Protein drink and powder, and BOOST Plus®, BOOST Calorie Smart® and BOOST Glucose Control® drinks, are available in retail stores nationwide. For more information, please visit

Stay Strong, Stay Active with BOOST®.


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