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ESICM 2017 – Key highlights in videos

Nestlé Health Science attended the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) annual congress 2017 in Vienna. Here are the key highlights in videos.

Nestlé Nutrition Institute Satellite Symposium - Nutritional Challenges in ICU patients

People that become critically ill have special nutrition needs and often receive nutrition via enteral feeding. Formulas must contain all their nutritional requirements, without causing dangerous swings in blood glucose, yet providing enough protein to help rebuild muscles lost on account of their severe illness. Watch experts talk about how the nutrition decisions can impact overall patient management.


Nutritional solutions designed to improve patient care in ICU

Watch the Nestlé Health Science team walk you through our comprehensive range of products designed to improve the nutritional status of the critically ill.


Peptamen® Intense

Peptamen® Intense is a unique enteral formula rich in proteins without being high in calories, designed for the critically ill who have high protein needs because of their illness. Standard enteral formulas tend to over deliver on calories to achieve the protein requirements, but this can jeopardize stable blood glucose management. Peptamen Intense was launched in Europe at ESICM. Watch the video for more information.