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Products to enhance, maintain and improve health across the spectrum of life.

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The brand scientifically shown to naturally support the body's regenerative capabilities.
Wobenzym® originates from a clinically proven systemic enzyme formulation containing a unique blend of enzymes that helps our body in inflammatory states. All the Wobenzym® and Wobecare® product are developed to do exactly this—they empower the body’s own restorative and preventative processes, naturally, empowering you to live a full life.

Our first formula is the original System Enzyme formula in the world. It contains different types of enzymes that, as they are protected during the upper digestive track, have an immune regulating effect which helps your body to re-balance the immune response to inflammation. Our formula has been proven in over 200+ clinical trials, and is recognized by the healthcare professionals worldwide. More importantly, it has led to millions of highly satisfied consumers. This vision towards health has led to many other health solutions, with Wobenzym® and Wobecare® offerings providing products empowering also other body's-own processes, helping the body to regenerate in a natural and non-invasive way. Due to the nature of how we formulate our Wobenzym® and Wobecare® products, they can be used safely also for a longer period of time.