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ThickenUp® Clear


Is fully transparent in water and does not affect color in other liquids

Is odorless, tasteless and has no impact on visual appearance

Rapidly achieves stable and appropriate consistency

Is free of lumps in all types of liquids

Requires the same dosage for all liquids for a given thickening level

Remains consistent over time; no over-thickening and is resistant to salivary amylase


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Always discuss with a healthcare professional before starting to use Resource® ThickenUp® Clear


ThickenUp® Clear
Mixing instructions

Step 1 – Powder First

For best results, put one portion into a glass using the dosage scoop included in the tin

Step 2 – Add Liquid

Add the liquid to the powder

Step 3 – Stir

Stir until the powder has dissolved

Step 4 – Serve

Leave to stand for one minute before serving