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PronoKal helps people to enjoy life to the full by providing them a sustainable healthy weight.

PronoKal is a weight-loss methodology that is applied under medical supervision, with the ongoing support of a team of experts (nutrition, physical activity and emotional coaching) and an ongoing digital accompaniment.  

It is a scientifically proven methodology based on a very-low-calorie and low-fat ketogenic diet (VLCKD), and is applied using specially designed high-protein food products. PronoKal® foods contain ProteinDHA®, an exclusive formula that helps to combat inflammation associated with overweight. 

PronoKal addresses different patient typologies by means of specific methods and programmes:  

  • PnK Method: for patients who wish to lose weight quickly and safely, while acquiring new healthy lifestyle habits.
  • PnKExpert Method: specifically designed for seniors over 60 who want to lose weight, while maintaining and strengthening muscle mass.
  • PnKDiaproKal Method: specifically designed to help patients with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes lose weight and control their blood glucose levels.
  • PnKDefine Method: for patients with a normal weight who wish to eliminate localised fat and improve body composition.

PronoKal Group is leader in research and the top publisher of articles on the benefits of nutritional ketosis for health, with more than 35 studies published in prestigious international scientific journals. Different scientific studies have proven the effectiveness, quality and safety of PronoKal® weight loss in a sustainable way, maintaining results over time. The company is currently working with a new line of research related to genetics.  

PronoKal Group R&D researches and innovates in different fields, evaluating the effectiveness and safety of the company's different weight-loss treatments and developing new approaches, such as the treatment of lipoinflammation; creating high-quality nutrition products and food supplements; and providing services, with continuing improvement and development of digital monitoring tools and processes.  

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