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Nourishing children to grow well to be great in life


Nutren® Junior is the oral nutritional supplement to help children get back and stay on track to reach their full potential.

Scientifically designed, nutritionally complete and made with real milk

Nutren® Junior can be used as a supplement or sole source of nutrition. It is suitable for oral use or tube feeding. 

Nutren® Junior for children at risk – certain eating behaviours may jeopardise a child’s health

The way a child grows and develops over time has an impact on short and long-term health. When a child grows too slowly, nutritional deficiencies can be a cause. Beyond mere picky eating that still falls within the boundaries of normal eating behaviours, children with risky eating behaviours may not be getting the nutrients they need for growth and development, which can have an effect on overall health. Nutren® Junior can be used for these children with risky eating behaviours to ensure they receive the quality nutrients and energy needed for growth and development.

Choose Nutren® Junior to help children grow well to be great in life

  • High quality milk as first ingredient for a taste that children love
  • Complete nutrition for catch-up growth
  • Selected probiotics and immunonutrients to reinforce immune defences
  • Selected prebiotic fibre to support gut health
  • DHA, zinc and iron, important for brain function
  • High value lipids for easily available energy