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Real Stories

Four families share their journeys with cerebral palsy (CP) and discuss the different nutritional strategies that worked for their children. Check out their videos and listen to their real stories.

Despite his feeding difficulties, Ronnie has come a long way. His mum, Rikki, and his grandmother, Vicky, saw the difference following the initiation of oral nutrition supplements (ONS), under the guidance of a healthcare professional. ONS helped in supporting Ronnie’s nutritional needs, and his mother and grandmother became less worried and gained reassurance as they saw him grow stronger.

Colleen, Paul and their daughter, Tierney, realised that little things could make a big difference. By adding thickeners to drinks, Tierney’s choices opened up and she could choose what she wanted to drink, anywhere, anytime!

Nathan’s mother, Suzanne, shares with us the story of how Nathan started nasogastric tube feeding and how she coped with it. Suzanne’s confidence and desire to nourish her child helped her overcome her initial fears to the benefit of Nathan’s comfort and health.

The eternal optimist, Miriam, shares the story of her strong 6-year-old son, Yehoshua, and his super dad, Jeremy. Miriam and Jeremy open up about one of the most difficult decisions in their lives and how they started tube feeding. Miriam, Jeremy and Yehoshua’s journey to find a deep sense of happiness and acceptance is an empowering story!