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My child with Cerebral Palsy

Anna M.
Anna will guide you through the section about cerebral palsy:

It was so hard to understand what this is, because this disease is really unknown…”
David F.
David will discuss the emotional journey during and after diagnosis:

Small victories make it all worthwhile...”

Emily S.
Emily will take you through the feeding difficulties and the nutritional needs of a child with CP:
It is not easy but you develop a routine...”

“My first thought was 'not my child'. Then I kept looking at the doctor, but I couldn’t process a thing she was saying”
Anna M.
Raising a child with CP is full of challenges.
We understand that there will be questions and concerns along the way. That’s why we’ve gathered relevant information and resources to support you.

The mychildwithcerebralpalsy website, created by Nestlé Health Science, is here to help you better understand the wealth of information that exists about cerebral palsy (CP), so that, in parallel to consulting with your healthcare practitioner, you can feel confident that you are providing the best care for your child. More specifically, we will address the nutritional management of CP, so that you are aware of all of the different ways in which you can meet your child’s nutritional needs for a happy and healthy future!

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