Bircher muesli


2 meals

Nutritional values per serving Calories 612 kcal Carbohydrates 76.1 g Protein 35.9 g Fat 15.3 g

100 g rolled or quick oats

200 ml milk (1.5% fat)

100 ml  apple juice

30 ml lemon juice

50 g (1 small) apple, cored and grated with the  peel

10 g honey to taste

180 g plain yogurt

90 g MERITENE Mobilis Neutral

20 g mixed nuts/seeds (pistachio, pumpkin seeds and pine nuts)

10 g raisins

A dash of cinnamon (optional)


Combine oats, milk, apple juice and lemon juice and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning add the grated apple, honey (to taste), yogurt, MERITENE Mobilis Neutral and cinnamon (if desired) and mix well.

Top with your favorite fruits and nuts.


Toppings : your favorite fresh and/or dried fruit, nuts, toasted coconut,

e.g., blueberries, strawberries, raisins and hazelnuts.