Nutren® Optimum

Nutren Optimum is a nutritionally complete, oral supplement specifically formulated for older adults to help support immune function and enhance recovery. It contains specific macro- and micronutrients known to enhance immune defences and support recovery during periods of illness in older adults. This includes:


  • High-quality protein and energy to support immune function, recovery and strength
  • Vitamin E, prebiotics, probiotics, folate, and vitamin B6 to support immune function
  • Prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and immune function
  • Healthy fat blend to support heart health


The energy distribution in Nutren Optimum is 16% protein, 49% carbohydrates and 35% lipids (244kcal per serving). Nutren Optimum is available in powder form. One serving (230ml) is comprised of 55g of powder that should be reconstituted with 190ml of cooled boiled water. Upon reconstitution, a 230ml serving of Nutren Optimum is lactose-, gluten- and cholesterol-free. Older people are advised to have two servings or 110g powder per day to achieve optimal nutrient levels. Nutren Optimum is suitable as a sole source of nutrition if used under medical supervision.

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