Nutren® Junior

Nutren Junior Powder is a nutritionally complete polymeric diet for paediatric patients aged 1–10 years, with dual use as an oral nutritional supplement drink and an enteral tube feed. It is suitable for children with paediatric malnutrition (primary or secondary disease), e.g.:

• Critical illness/trauma/burns/injury (without GI Impairment)

• Cystic fibrosis (with pancreatic enzyme supplements)

• Cancer and cancer therapies (without GI Impairment)

• Other chronic conditions, e.g. cardiac, renal and neurological disease.

The standard reconstitution of Nutren Junior is 1kcal/ml; however, 1.5kcal/ml can be reconstituted for patients with high calorie needs and/or on fluid restriction. The reconstituted energy distribution of Nutren Junior is 12% protein, 36% lipid and 52% carbohydrate. It provides a balanced protein blend of 50% whey and 50% casein, contains 2 probiotics, a blend of prebiotics and is lactose- and gluten-free. Nutren Junior meets the micronutrient needs of most paediatric patients in 1000kcal (ages 1–3) or 1500kcal (ages 4–8). It is easy to mix and provides flexible nutritional support. The safety and efficacy of Nutren Junior Powder has been confirmed in a clinical study. Nutren Junior is available in a pleasant-tasting vanilla flavour powder.

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