Modulen IBD®

Modulen IBD* is a unique whole-protein, powdered formulation for use as a sole source of nutrition in the active phase of Crohn’s disease and for nutritional support during the remission phase. It is 100% casein based which is naturally rich in transforming growth factor beta 2 (TGF-β2), an anti-inflammatory which helps reduce the inflammation in the gut and promotes gut mucosal healing. Modulen IBD is suitable for patients:

  • With Crohn’s disease
  • With small bowel and colonic disease
  • With structuring disease
  • Who would like to avoid drug therapy or who are concerned about the side effects of drug therapy
  • Who fail to respond to other medications or as a rescue therapy in patients who have become resistant to other medications
  • Who are awaiting surgery

It can also be used as a primary therapy in children and adolescents. Modulen IBD is suitable as a neutral flavoured oral sip feed or for administration as a tube feed.

*Modulen IBD is a food for special medical purposes for use under medical supervision.

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