Diabetisource® AC

Diabetisource AC formula is an advanced-control tube feed designed specifically to meet the unique nutritional needs of patients with diabetes and stress-induced hyperglycaemia. Diabetisource AC also delivers a unique combination of ingredients designed to help improve insulin sensitivity, and may reduce diabetes-associated tissue damage. It has a unique blend of Benefiber® soluble fibre and fructo-oligosaccarides to help promote good digestive health.

Diabetisource AC’s unique carbohydrate blend includes pureed fruits and vegetables to help maintain consistent blood glucose levels (it contains no sugar alcohols). It also contains supplemental L-arginine which may help improve wound healing. It is available in cans and closed system containers. Diabetisource AC formula is glucose- and lactose-free. It is the only diabetes formula that meets the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines for daily fish oil intake in 1L. Diabetisource AC formula is clinically proven to help manage blood glucose levels.

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