Althéra is a hypoallergenic, extensively hydrolysed, nutritionally-balanced, clinically proven, complete Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP). It is suitable for the long-term dietary management of symptoms associated with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMA), such as those frequently seen in ambulatory (primary) care, e.g. atopic dermatitis, colic and/or vomiting, wheezing and/or sneezing. Althéra is suitable from birth onwards as it provides all the nutrients/micronutrients for optimal growth and development. It has similar nutritional characteristics to normal infant formula, with the exception of its extensively hydrolysed protein body, and its composition is close to that of human breast milk. Althéra contains lactose in similar amounts to that of breast milk, which is important for a healthy microflora and calcium absorption. Lactose also improves the palatability of the formula. Althéra has a pleasant taste, similar to regular infant formula. Althéra offers healthcare professionals the ideal solution for the long-term management of infants with CMA since it is well-tolerated and perfectly matches the long-term dietary needs of infants with CMA.

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