Yes, that's right!

The lid and scoop really are plant-based.


…is made from sugar cane.
Replacing fossil fuels.

Our plant based plastic
has several advantages…


Once harvested the sugar cane used to make the plastic can be regrown


Plant based plastics can be recycled - as can the rest of our packaging by the way (always check local recycling)

Curious to learn more about how our plant based plastics are typically made?

A first press is made on the sugar cane in order to get the sweet juice used for sugar.

A second press creates a juice not usually used as foodstuff. This is where the resin to make our plant based plastic comes from.

Little is wasted. For example, the process creates a nutrient rich liquid which is used for fertilizer, whilst some of the remaining sugar cane is even converted into energy like bioethanol (a type of fuel).

Our promise to you?

We pledge to keep striving to improve, because 69% plant-based material is not 100%, and plant-based plastic is still plastic. That’s why we have founded an institute of packaging sciences. It’s dedicated to improving the environmental footprint of our packaging so that we can continue to help preserve the planet for the next generation.