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Is Nestlé Health Science a Swiss company?

Yes. Nestlé Health Science S.A. is chartered in Switzerland and therefore subject to Swiss company law. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A.
Nestlé Health Science is headquartered in Lutry, Switzerland on Lake Geneva (about 15 min drive west of Vevey where Nestlé S.A. is headquartered).


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What is the address of Nestlé Health Science?

Company Headquarters are:
Nestlé Health Science S.A.
Avenue Reller 14
1800 Vevey

Mailing address:
Nestlé Health Science S.A.
Avenue Nestlé 55
1800 Vevey

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Since when does Nestlé Health Science exist?

Nestlé Health Science – in conjunction with the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences – became operational in January 2011.



What is the vision of Nestlé Health Science?

Nestlé Health Science aims at pioneering science-based nutritional solutions to deliver improved personalised health care for people with medical conditions.



Are Nestlé Health Science products identical throughout the world?

No. Nestlé Health Science encourages its national operations to adapt products locally, in order to respect the local, regional and national habits and legal and regulatory framework. While all products must correspond to our quality requirements, they may vary in composition, recipe, packaging and branding across geographies.



Are there countries in which Nestlé Health Science products are not available?

It is possible that our products are not available in all countries as local legislation can make it impossible for a given product to be sold in certain markets. Please consult our list of countries.

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