Meritene Comfortis

Meritene® Comfortis®

Meritene Comfortis is a specialized nutrition designed to address the vegetable dietary fiber needs of seniors. The neutral powder can be easily mixed into foods and beverages to help increase vegetable dietary fiber intake. The typical diet is low in vegetable dietary fiber, and older adults tend to have lower vegetable fiber intake than younger adults. Meritene Comfortis is specially formulated to address the common lack of vegetable dietary fiber in the diets of seniors. An easy and comfortable way to supplement the vegetable fiber missing from the typical diet

Key features

An easy and comfortable way to supplement the fiber missing from the typical diet
100% soluble fiber (vegetable origin)
Dissolves easily, without effect on texture or taste
Neutral flavor
Without coloring, flavoring, and preservatives

Recommended usage

MERITENE Comfortis is available in different formats: 5 grams stick pack, 80 grams folding box of 16 sticks and 125 grams tin. A variety of options are available depending on the country and location. Stir MERITENE® ComfortisTM into hot or cold liquids and foods, without effect on taste or texture.

The recommended daily dose of MERITENE Comfortis is 5 to 20 grams per day, which provides 4 grams to 17 grams of fibers. Seniors should increase their intake gradually and are advised not to exceed 20 grams of MERITENE Comfortis per day.

A balanced and varied diet is recommended, with sufficient fluid intake. MERITENE Comfortis is not intended to substitute main meals.

Nutritional profile

meritene comfortis nutrition profile  
Scientific References
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Maryse, 61 years old
“It has a neutral flavor. It is easy to drink mixed with any kind of beverages. Or simply with water and a little sirup to cover its very light taste and smell.”


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