Compat Ella® Backpack / Table Stand

Compat Ella® Backpack Insert / Table Stand

The Compat Ella® Backpack Insert/Table Stand is a convenient pump and nutrition support intended for use with either the Compat Ella® Backpack or as a stand-alone bed-side table stand.

Key Features

Convenient dual-use:
- Bed-side table stand: Small, portable, convenient and low-profile.
- Backpack insert: is easily transferred for use in the Compat Ella® backpack without set disconnection, for mobile use.
- The extendable nutrition holder and adjustable straps makes it compatible with most tube feed containers up to 1500mL.
- Easier to move around than a traditional IV pole.

Smart Design:
- Easy access to all pump functions when installed.
- Pump stays connectable to AC power
- Protects and holds Compat Ella® securely.
- “Kink-free” tubing management with recessed tubing guides.
- 4 rubber foot pads enhance stability and reduce vibration/noise.

Robust and Modern:
- Made of durable polycarbonate.
- Discreet white finish with rounded, curved design.

Compat Ella® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

Ordering Information

- Product Name: Compat Ella® Backpack/Table Stand
- Product Code: 12277737
- Qty/Box: 30


- Packing: Individually packed in cases of 1 piece.
- Storage: Keep away from sunlight.
- CE Mark: Complies with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC.
- Ecological Footprint: The ‘Grüne Punkt’ symbol signals that Nestlé Health Science assumes its producer responsibility and contributes to the financing of the recycling.
- Materials: Insert: Polycarbonate. Rod: Stainless steel. Strap: Polypropylene.
- Cleaning: Hand wash.

The Compat Ella® range of medical devices.
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