Compat® Flexibaggle® 500mL

Compat® Flexibaggle® 500mL

The Compat® Flexibaggle® 500mL reservoir with ENPlus port is intended for the administration of enteral nutrition and/or water to patient.

Key Features

The Compat® Flexibaggle® 500 mL comes with an ENPlus port designed to be 100% IV incompatible with an easy to use ‘key and lock’ concept. The reservoir is sterile and free from DEHP and BPA*.

Each port of the Compat® Flexibaggle® 500 mL features a strong screw closure which helps prevent leaks making it ideal for ambulatory use, for instance together with Compat Go® backpacks, pumps and sets.

Its self-standing properties and its wide-mouth port makes it very easy to handle and helps avoid accidental spills. Its fold-ability saves on storage space enabling it to easily be at hand when needed.

The Compat® Flexibaggle® 500 mL is compatible with ENPlus administration sets and Compat® Universal, Portable, and Spike enteral giving sets.

*The parts do not exceed the maximum concentrations of 0.1% total DEHP (Di (2-Ethyl Hexyl) Phthalate) or (BPA Bisphenol A) content.
® Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A or used with permission.

Ordering Information

- Product Name: Compat® Flexibaggle® 500mL
- Product Code: 12062374
- Qty/Box: 30


- Wide-mouth port: Nominal inner diameter: ± 21,5 mm.
- ENPlus Port: Designed to fit ENPlus connectors. Accepts older ‘slim’ enteral spikes.
- Sterile: Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide.
- Packing: Individually packed in cases of 30 pieces (40 x 22 x 19 cm).
- Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and humidity.
- Shelf life: 5 years from production date. Expiry date on the package.
- Duration of use: 24 hours. Single Use.
- Bag size: Max. nominal bag size: ± 130 x 210 mm.
- CE Mark: Complies with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC. A CE Certification has been issued by an accredited Notified Body: TÜV Rheinland (CE0197).
- Ecological Footprint: The ‘Grüne Punkt’ symbol signals that Nestlé Health Science assumes its producer responsibility and contributes to the financing of the recycling.
- Materials: Bag material: PE (Polyethylene). All materials DEHP and BPA free*. Additional details on request.

*The parts do not exceed the maximum concentrations of 0.1% total DEHP (Di (2-Ethyl Hexyl) Phthalate) or (BPA Bisphenol A) content.


Compat® Flexibaggle® is a convenient range of open system reservoirs from 0.5 to 1.5L with features to meet both ambulatory and stationary needs.