Compat Ella® Enteral Feeding Pump

Compat Ella® Enteral Feeding Pump

Compat Ella® is an innovative new portable enteral feeding pump with a unique coloured user-friendly interface in local language.

Key Features

- Continuous and interval feeding programs from 1 mL to 4000 mL, with or without dose limit
- Flow rates from 1 mL/hr to 600 mL/hr
- Rate and delivery progress is always visible in run mode

Easy to learn and understand:
- A colour screen with easy to understand symbols for pump status, battery life, pump mode
- A clear U-shaped keypad with intuitive icon-based labelling
- On-screen full-text message line to convey pump status, help program nutritional therapies and aid in problem solving

Accurate and safe:
- Upstream and downstream occlusion alarms and air-in-line alarm
- +-5% delivery accuracy*
- AAFF technology: Auto-Anti-Free-Flow to enhance patient safety
- Separate delivery histories for 1) Current feeding program and 2) Cumulative volume
- Keypad lock helps avoid accidental changes

- 5-year service interval*
- Can be cleaned under warm running water

- Lightweight and portable it can operate in any orientation
- 24-hour battery life at a delivery rate of 125 mL/hr

Advanced Functions:
- PDMS connection (Patient Data Management Systems)*
- Interval mode delivers specific volumes at specified intervals
- Therapy lock to help avoid accidental therapy changes
- 30-day volume delivery history
- Quiet Night Mode: No alarm at end of feeding program

*Additional details available in Compat Ella®'s instructions for use, or on request.
® Unless stated otherwise, all trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A or used with permission.

Ordering Information

- Product Name: Compat Ella® Pump
- Product Code: 12272020
- Qty/Box: 1
- Kit Content: Compat Ella® Pump, AC power adapter, pole clamp, instructions for use

Pump Features

- Delivery Accuracy: +-5%.*
- AAFF: Auto-Anti-Free-Flow (administration set based).
- Keypad: Ergonomic U-shaped keypad with easy to identify icons.
- Screen: Colour screen to highlight pump status.
- Operating Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovakian, Portuguese and Polish. User definable.
- Continuous Mode: Continuous feed delivery. With or without total volume limit.
- Flow Rate: 1-600 mL/hr in 1 mL increments.
- Volume Limit: 1-4000 mL in 1 mL increments.
- Alarms: Air-in-line, separate upstream/downstream occlusion, door open, no cassette, end of dose, inactivity time-out, battery.
- Volume Given This Therapy: Volume delivered for the currently active feeding program. User clearable.
- Cumulative Volume: Total volume delivered since this parameter was last cleared by the user.
- 30-Day Volume History: Total volume delivered for each 24-hour period over the last 30 days.
- Settings: Alarm volume, backlight intensity, backlight timeout, alarm at end of therapy (yes/no), keypad lock (on/off).
- Priming: One touch automatic (17 mL) or manual.

*Additional details available in Compat Ella®'s instructions for use, or on request.

Advanced Functions

- Interval Mode: Delivery of specified bolus amounts in mL, at predefined intervals. Bolus from 1-2000 mL. Interval can be set from 15 minutes to 12 Hrs. With or without total volume limit.
- Interval Mode Lockout: Interval mode is not available to the user.
- Therapy Lock: Locks all the current feeding program parameters so the user cannot change them.
- Nurse Call: Sends an alarm signal to the nurse call management system. The physical connection is made via a custom cable available as an accessory.
- Patient Data Management System (PDMS): Compat Ella® can connect to certain PDMS systems typically used in ICU - to allow tracking of feed delivery for individual patients in an automated manner. The physical connection is made via a custom serial cable. Specific software drivers are available for each system.*

*Additional details available in Compat Ella®'s instructions for use, or on request.

Warranty and Servicing

- Warranty: 2 years.
- Servicing: Only requires servicing every 5 years.*
- Servicing Agent: All service should be performed by authorized personnel only. Contact your Nestlé Health Science representative or Nestlé approved service provider.

*Additional details available in Compat Ella®'s instructions for use, or on request.

Pump Specifications

- Pump Weight: 499 g.
- Battery: Li-Ion. Will run 24 hours at 125 mL/hr with water. 6-Hour recharge time.
- Pump Dimensions: L:140 mm x B:140 mm x H:62 mm.
- Pump Kit Packaging: Individually packed in a box.
- Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep away from sunlight and humidity.
- Device Classification: Class IIa.
- Mechanical and Fluid Ingress: IP25.
- CE Mark: Complies with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC. A CE Certification has been issued by an accredited Notified Body: TÜV Rheinland (CE0197).
- Ecological Footprint: The ‘Grüne Punkt’ symbol signals that Nestlé Health Science assumes its producer responsibility and contributes to the financing of the recycling.

The Compat Ella® range of medical devices.
An innovative new portable enteral feeding pump designed to be as user friendly as possible, administration sets and accessories.