Peptamen Intense


PeptamenⓇ Intense

High protein low carbohydrate enteral formula

Optimises delivery of protein and energy in critically ill patients.

Peptamen® Intense contains a unique blend of nutrients.

Peptamen Intense packshot

Composition of total calories:

Metabolic impact clinically demonstrated

Shown to facilitate blood glucose management in ICU patients24-25

  • 13% reduction in incidence of hyperglycemia (p = 0.0145)
  • 14% increase in incidence of normoglycemia (p < 0.01)
  • 11% reduction in glycemic excursions (p = 0.01)
  • 11% reduction in the frequency of insulin administration (p = 0.048)

Shown to provide better control of postprandial blood glucose when compared to whey/casein formulas

Better postprandial blood glucose with Peptamen® Intense:

  • Lower peak blood glucose level
  • Difference in blood glucose level remains significant at 180 min
  • Clinical trends towards lower endogenous insulin production, as measured by serum insulin

The use of Peptamen® Intense allowed for increased protein provision without increasing caloric intake in adult critically ill patients receiving propofol.

  • Propofol accounted for apprx 500 kcal/day
  • Protein intake was significantly higher in the Peptamen Intense (VHP EN) group (p=0.044)
  • Daily caloric intake from enteral formula alone was significantly less in the Peptamen® Intense group (p=0.016)
  • Peptamen® Intense allows for provision of nutrients in line with guidelines also in patients receiving substantial non-nutritional calories (e.g. from propofol)