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Todd W. Rice, M.D, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care division of Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, Nashville, USA is interviewed by Tami Gangestad, Strategic Accounts, Nestlé Health Science USA

From ESICM Paris 23rd October 2018

TG: Dr Rice, have you had a chance to review the new ESPEN guidelines that were recently released?

TR: Yes, I’ve actually read them.

TG: Okay. What would you say were some key updates from the ESPEN guidelines over the last publication?

TR:Yes, so they’re very thorough and detailed and I think overall they’re similar to some previous guidelines with maybe some exceptions. One being that I think safety and safety of nutrition is emphasised in the guidelines and specifically talking about the safety of potentially…the harm of potentially overfeeding and trying to minimise that by kind of being safe with if you don’t have indirect calorimetry target maybe a little bit lower, 70% or something like that, and if you do have indirect calorimetry then don’t go above it. And just kind of trying to recognise that overfeeding may be bad in that in critically ill patients we may not have a good understanding of what the right amount of feed is, the right volume is, and so being careful in the amount that we’re going to give.


Podcast // ESICM 2018


Todd W. Rice, M.D.

NOV 21, 2018