Disease and Condition Areas

We aim to elevate the role of nutrition across six distinct areas. Our focus is in specialties in which we are equipped to lead; by bringing game changing nutritional solutions to market.

Ageing Medical Care, Critical Care and Surgery and Paediatric Medical Care are part of our core HealthCare Nutrition business, upon which Nestlé Health Science was founded. Through innovation and renovation we continue to drive growth in our core established platforms that provide a complete range of enteral and oral nutritional products.

To deepen and establish nutrition’s role in managing the increasingly prevalent chronic and lifestyle related illnesses, we have recently established platforms in Brain Health, Metabolic Health and Gastrointestinal Health. The acquisition of companies such as Prometheus Laboratories and CM&D Pharma, provides brands, and more importantly expertise and enhanced innovation potential, that support our pioneering efforts in these platforms.

Supporting our innovation efforts, we work with the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences and Nestlé Research Center (NRC). The Institute will translate its research findings into innovative nutritional solutions that will help patients in the prevention and management of disease. The NRC has valuable scientific expertise in understanding the relationship between nutrition and health as well as taste and product format, which can be an important aid to dietary compliance, to nutritional regimes and, therefore, to efficacy.